Office for the circular economy

Several consultancies specialized in sustainable business models lease the floor of an office building. BETA structured the office floor using the upcycling of materials as leitmotif.

BETA architect office Amsterdam office for the circular economy collage

Informed by a spatial surplus surrounding the building’s core, screens were placed to improve spatial efficiency whilst simultaneously offering a common visual identity between neighbors.

Usually the material outcome is determined from behind the drawing board. This project required a different approach: the clients’ mission needed a physical manifestation. As such, waste from different demolition projects was organized in a supply chain and would serve as the material source. BETA would look for demolition sources, survey candidate materials and take design decisions, all in a brief timespan.

BETA architect office Amsterdam office for the circular economy scheme

Besides the hardware of screens, kitchens and meeting rooms, a multitude of circular concepts exist in the project. As such carpet is made of fishing nets from Southeast Asia, the acoustic ceiling are made of newspapers, and the tenants pay for light instead of fixtures. The result is a strongly layered aesthetic – with a message.

Project Details


YEAR: 2015

CLIENT: Copper8, Cocon Vastgoed

SITE: 100WATT, Amsterdam

STATUS: built

COLLABORATORS: Stijn Bertens (woodworker)

TEAM: Auguste van Oppen, Evert Klinkenberg, Marc van Asseldonk, Marcello Soeleman

PHOTOGRAPHY: Chris van Koeverden