BETA architect office Amsterdam Vondelpark watercolor
Vondelpark, Ids Wiersma, watercolor (1941)

A classic villa along Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is extended and refurbished. Since its initial construction in 1911, the house has been frequently augmented, most often with questionable results. After stripping the house of its false ceilings, disproportionate window frames and other unfortunate amendments, the spatial potential became evident.

Attempts by previous architects to turn the house into a modernist open-plan villa would be reversed, returning the house to its original identity. A veranda was added, overlooking Vondelpark. Existing detailing in the building’s masonry was used as an inspiration for the refined steel structure.

BETA architect office Amsterdam Vondelpark masonry scheme
original masonry (1911)
BETA architect office Amsterdam Vondelpark steelwork scheme
new steelwork (2010)

Project Details


YEAR: 2010

CLIENT: private

SITE: Willemsparkbuurt, Amsterdam

STATUS: built

TEAM: Auguste van Oppen, Marc van Asseldonk