Within a tight budget and schedule, BETA transformed a former postal office into a contemporary kindergarten. Spatial synergy enhanced the economic return of the project, leading to a better building.

The DNA of the former postal office had to undergo a total transformation. Where in its former function the building was characterized by safety through fragmentation, the concept of safety has a completely different elaboration in the child day care centre, namely one of transparency and contact. Auxiliary spaces were thus kept as compact as possible, while the ‘bullet-holes’ offer both visual relations within the building and a welcome new layer to the architecture.

Economic return was sought by optimizing the spatial configuration and seeking synergy in functions. As such, less profitable spaces such as circulation and meeting spaces were combined in favor of the more lucrative playing rooms.

This enhancement of economic return led to a better building. Amongst others, a green roof, floor heating and a heat recovery HVAC system were made possible through these optimizations. The Kindergarten opened in November 2011 after a total project time of no more than nine months.

BETA Kindergarten axonometric scheme

Project Details


YEAR: 2011

CLIENT: Woningstichting Nieuwkoop

SITE: Achterweg, Nieuwkoop

STATUS: built

COLLABORATORS: Goudstikker de Vries (engineer), Stijn Bertens (woodworker)

TEAM: Auguste van Oppen, Marc van Asseldonk, Jurgis Dagelis