BETA presents ‘Meer Generatie Wonen’
Date : 03.07.23

BETA presents ‘Meer Generatie Wonen’

We’re very proud to announce the publication of our book on intergenerational living, a co-production of BETA and project developer AM.

The mixing of generations in the living environment is something very human; it has been since the dawn of time. Since the Industrial Revolution however, Western societies have adopted a more segregated way of living; something which is now testing the limits of what society can handle. To address the issue, we wrote “Meer Generatie Wonen”, a book on solidarity and how we can reincorporate intergenerational living in the built environment.

With a preface by architecture critic Kirsten Hannema, “Meer Generatie Wonen” draws on literature, (inter-) national precedents and very personal experiences to come up with a series of prerequisites for intergenerational living.

For now, the book is available in Dutch but we are making plans to produce an English version. Some good news: after some deliberation we’ve decided to self-publish the book and offer it for free online.

Read it here.