BETA is an award winning office for architecture, research and urban design.

BETA was founded in 2015 in Amsterdam by partners Evert Klinkenberg and Auguste van Oppen. Prior to establishing their practice in Amsterdam, they enjoyed extensive professional experience both at home and abroad. In its brief existence the office has won several prizes, ranging from Europan to the Gulden Feniks and more recently the Amsterdam Architecture Prize.

BETA is engaged in architecture and research into the contemporary city. The office uses an investigative approach to work on an architecture which puts people first. Themes such as integrated living, community participation and inclusivity form the leitmotif in their work.

It is our goal to make a contribution through socially inclusive and sustainable architecture.

BETA is centered around the idea that methodical approach is the precondition to good architecture. We approach problems without preconceptions and we nurture a process of natural selection while seeking solutions. Methodical investigation allows us to uncover, communicate and enhance the spectrum of architectural possibilities. After all, it is our daily business to assist our stakeholders in their decision-making process.

At BETA we believe in an architecture which is responsive to constraints, driven by ambition and sensitive to context. The architectural results are therefore as diverse as the problems we’re presented with: occasionally radical, otherwise predictable but always surprising in their logic.

Our team

BETA is led by its two partners Evert Klinkenberg and Auguste van Oppen and furthermore consists of an international team of talented architects and designers.

Team since 2015:

Federica Fazio, Julia Radeck, Leonardo Kappel, Csenge Király, Javier Pernas Barandiaran, Capucine Bricheux, Maxim Zuev, Cezara Brescanu, Stephan Bastiaans, Julie Reeb, Marcella Heijink, Stijn Giesbers, Anne Wies, Nicola Zedda, Tifawt Loudaoui, João Baptista Lopes, Stijn Dries, Nikola Kumstátová, Thomas Ponds, Marleen de Groot, Tommaso Asso, Ryan Dougan, Henry Holmes, Eldrich Piqué, Jaro Cools, Lorenzo Demontis, Mathijs Boersma, Marcello Soeleman


Amsterdam Realty Partners
Atelier Rijksbouwmeester
Dura Vermeer
New Cheese Development
Régie Chamot SA
Rhebergen Multihull Yachts
Stichting Kinetisch Noord
Stichting Mevrouw Meijer
Stichting Samenwonen Samenleven
Stichting Treehouse NDSM
Stichting IJ Producties
Creative Industries Fund
City of Amsterdam
City of Lausanne
City of Rotterdam
TU Delft
Urban Sync
Ville de Lausanne
Woningstichting Nieuwkoop
Woningstichting Patrimonium


The work of BETA is published regularly in international media, both on- and offline.
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