Date : May 14, 2019
Three Generation House included in the Architecture Yearbook 2018 – 2019
Date : May 8, 2019
nomination Gouden A.A.P. 2019
Date : March 15, 2019
BETA lectures in Brussels
Date : March 1, 2019
BETA lectures in Vienna for OEGFA
Date : November 23, 2018
winner Gouden A.A.P. 2018
BETA wins Gouden A.A.P. 2018 It’s official: BETA’s Ru Paré Community is the best building of 2018! In a packed...
Date : April 12, 2018
nomination Gouden A.A.P. 2018
Ru Paré Community has been nominated for the Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2018. The Amsterdam Architecture Prize (Gouden A.A.P.) is an...
Date : March 24, 2018
Winning proposal for tender Oostenburg in a team for VORM development
The team comprising of developer VORM and designers OZ, Workshop, Flux landscape and BETA win tender Oostenburg. The proposal ‘OP...
Date : December 20, 2017
BETA and FABRICations shortlisted for Energy Lab Nagele
BETA and FABRICations shortlisted for Energy Lab Nagele In an effort to reinvogorate the Mondernist iconic village of Nagele, an...
Date : December 4, 2017
BETA and space&matter unveil Kop Zuidas
BETA and space&matter unveil their design for Kop Zuidas, a mixed-use development in Amsterdam’s Central Business District. With a broad spectrum...
Date : November 21, 2017
Ru Paré Community wins NRP Gulden Feniks
NRP GULDEN FENIKS PRIZE AWARDED TO RU PARÉ COMMUNITY A jury of eight, chaired by prof. ir. Karin Laglas, awarded...
Date : July 6, 2017
BETA to speak at SIA conference in Lausanne
The Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) has invited BETA to participate in its annual conference upcoming November in...
Date : June 26, 2017
Ru Paré on the cover of Deutsche Bauzeitung
BETA’s Ru Paré Community features on the cover of Deutsche Bauzeitung in a special on building transformations. Journalist and design...
Date : June 2, 2017
Boat Hangar completed
With the installation of three sliding doors along the Eastern façade, Boat Hangar has been completed and is ready to...
Date : June 1, 2017
Ru Paré Community shortlisted for NRP Gulden Feniks
BETA’s Ru Paré Community has been shortlisted for NRP Gulden Feniks, a prize for inspirational re-use of the built environment....
Date : March 1, 2017
Blue House nears completion
Blue house is nearing completion. With the scaffolding removed, the stunning blue pigment and entertaining façade openings are revealed. Soon...
Date : February 4, 2017
Boat Hangar construction update (3)
As Boat Hangar’s delivery date nears, the building is finally being enclosed in its final skin. Visit the Boat Hangar’s project...
Date : December 16, 2016
3 generation house construction update (1)
Construction work on BETA’s 3 generation house is well underway.
Date : December 1, 2016
Boat Hangar construction update (2)
The construction of Boat Hangar is progressing quickly. In a matter of a few weeks the concrete foundation was poured,...
Date : November 20, 2016
Boat Hangar construction update (1)
The construction phase of Boat Hangar kicks off with a week’s worth of pile driving. A total of 154 prefabricated concrete...
Date : August 26, 2016
Ru Paré Community Center opens
BETA’s Ru Paré community center was opened by alderman Achmed Baâdoud and the chairman of the SW-SL foundation Henk van...
Date : April 1, 2016
workshop at the Rietveld Academie
As part of our research project ‘imagining the self-driving city’, BETA led a 4-day workshop at the Inter-Architecture faculty of...
Date : January 7, 2016
BETA receives funding for research
BETA is awarded funding by the Creative Industries Fund NL to perform research into the spatial effects of automated driving...
Date : December 21, 2015
two projects break ground
Today we celebrated the groundbreaking of two projects of ours in Amsterdam’s Buiksloterham neighborhood: ‘Blue house‘ and ‘3 Generation House‘....
Date : December 14, 2015
Atelier Bow-Wow and TU Delft visit BETA
Atelier Bow-Wow and Tom Avermaete’s studio ‘Methods and Analysis’ of the TU Delft visit BETA at the NDSM
Date : September 16, 2015
Treehouse investigation
For already some time now, BETA has been investigating the next step for Treehouse, a nomadic artist colony. Check back...
Date : September 8, 2015
Ru Paré construction update
Construction work is well on its way at the Ru Paré Community Center. Today we witnessed its doors open for...
Date : September 5, 2015
welcome to BETA
BETA welcomes you to our new website.
Date : September 1, 2015