Boat Hangar construction update (3)
As Boat Hangar’s delivery date nears, the building is finally being enclosed in its final skin. Visit the Boat Hangar’s project...
Date : December 16, 2016
3 generation house construction update (1)
Construction work on BETA’s 3 generation house is well underway.
Date : December 1, 2016
Boat Hangar construction update (2)
The construction of Boat Hangar is progressing quickly. In a matter of a few weeks the concrete foundation was poured,...
Date : November 20, 2016
Boat Hangar construction update (1)
The construction phase of Boat Hangar kicks off with a week’s worth of pile driving. A total of 154 prefabricated concrete...
Date : August 26, 2016
Ru Paré Community Center opens
BETA’s Ru Paré community center was opened by alderman Achmed Baâdoud and the chairman of the SW-SL foundation Henk van...
Date : April 1, 2016
workshop at the Rietveld Academie
As part of our research project ‘imagining the self-driving city’, BETA led a 4-day workshop at the Inter-Architecture faculty of...
Date : January 7, 2016
BETA receives funding for research
BETA is awarded funding by the Creative Industries Fund NL to perform research into the spatial effects of automated driving...
Date : December 21, 2015
two projects break ground
Today we celebrated the groundbreaking of two projects of ours in Amsterdam’s Buiksloterham neighborhood: ‘Blue house‘ and ‘3 Generation House‘....
Date : December 14, 2015
WestSide construction update
The interior for Westside is being assembled by woodworker Sibe Visser. The project is scheduled for completion in December 2015....
Date : October 14, 2015
Atelier Bow-Wow and TU Delft visit BETA
Atelier Bow-Wow and Tom Avermaete’s studio ‘Methods and Analysis’ of the TU Delft visit BETA at the NDSM
Date : September 16, 2015
Treehouse investigation
BETA is investigating the next step for Treehouse, a nomadic artist colony. Check back later for more information.
Date : September 8, 2015
Ru Paré construction update
Construction work is well on its way at the Ru Paré Community Center. Today we witnessed its doors open for...
Date : September 5, 2015
welcome to BETA
BETA welcomes you to our new website.
Date : September 1, 2015